What is Vimeo?

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video streaming platform where users can upload videos and share them with other users. This platform, which has close to 100 million members, is visited by 170 million users monthly. This platform, which is used in 150 countries, is often actively used by users living in the USA.

Vimeo is similar to Youtube, but it is a much older platform than Youtube. Founded in November 2004, this platform hosts high-quality content. With this aspect, it has been visited with admiration by users since its establishment. The rise of Youtube has outstripped the rise of this platform.

Short documentaries, TV shows and movies marked Vimeo's early years. This platform, which has achieved a first by using the video compression feature, can be used for free or for a fee. If it is used for a fee, the video upload capacity increases significantly.

How to Use Vimeo

Vimeo, one of the well-established video streaming platforms, does not require its users to be a member to watch videos. It is possible to use this platform without being a member. If you are going to upload and share videos, you must be a member.

To upload a video to the platform, simply click on the embed tab. After this process, the site will direct you. Before uploading a video, you should remember that you are given limited opportunities. You can only upload videos for which you meet the conditions included in your package.

If you want to reach the shares you like by watching other videos shared on the platform, it will be enough to click on the heart button. You can update your information and see your statistics by going to the profile section. In addition, Vimeo is a platform that can be used on both computers and mobile devices.

What Is the Purpose of Vimeo?

Vimeo primarily aims to share and circulate professional work. On this site, which was first used as a movie publishing platform, it is now possible to access all kinds of content. Vimeo has a well-established structure as it was one of the first emerging video streaming platforms. It is almost impossible to come across poor quality videos on this platform. This situation also causes content producers to stay in front of the screen for a long time while uploading videos.

Differences Differentiating Vimeo from YouTube

Vimeo has much better audio and video quality than Youtube. The fact that the video uploading process is more controlled ensures that the video quality remains much higher. It is very difficult to come across unnecessary and bad videos on Vimeo.

The videos you upload to the platform go through a very comprehensive check. For this reason, your probability of being subject to some sanctions due to copyright is very low. In addition, among the possibilities offered by Vimeo, there is the chance to add your own logo to your videos. It is also possible to edit videos without changing the video link. You can also take advantage of these privileges by using Vimeo.