What is IMDb?

What is IMDb?

IMDb is a website with millions of movies, TV shows, TV shows, animations and actor information. IMDb, which stands for Internet Movie Database, shows the rating of movies with its scoring system. By browsing these movies under the name of the IMDb list, you can see how much they are liked and you can decide whether to watch the content accordingly.

It is possible to see the worst movies as well as the most popular movies on the IMDb website. There are many categories on the website. The most liked players are also presented to you as a list. Thanks to this aspect, many movie-lover internet users frequently use this site.

What Does IMDb Do?

The biggest feature of IMDb is that it gives users the right to vote and comment. Thanks to users who rate and comment on the movie they watch, those who are looking for a movie can also determine the movie they will watch. Thanks to this system of IMDb, if you are undecided between more than one movie, it is possible to speed up your decision-making process by making comparisons.

The site also gives you various information about the players. If you are curious about the actors in a movie, you can get information by entering this site, and you can easily see other movies in which the actors took part. It is also possible to have information about the rankings of these players with the IMDb list.

How Does the IMDb Scoring System Work?

IMDb allows movies that are not on the website to be added to the site. For example, you, as a user, can manually add a movie that is not on the website and submit it to the votes of other users. The scoring system is created entirely by the users on the site. Users who become a paid or free member of the website can affect the average score when they rate the movies they watch.

All the scores and comments you see in the movies in the IMDb list are created by users. If you want to make comments or ratings about the movies you watch, you can fulfill the necessary conditions by becoming a member of this site and make your request very easily.

How is IMDb Score Determined?

The scores of the movies in the IMDb list are determined by the users who watch the movie in question. Users give scores from 1 to 10 for the movies they watch. IMDb, on the other hand, categorizes these scores as age, gender and experience and offers them to all users. It is also possible to browse these categories created by logging into the IMDb website. For example, you can see how many points young users give to a movie you want to watch and make your decision accordingly.

Although IMDb is a reliable site, this feature can be abused. Seeing that a movie you like gets a low score does not mean that the movie is bad. But in general, you can use this website with peace of mind as it provides accurate information about movies.