What Are the Popular Video Types on Youtube?

What Are the Popular Video Types on Youtube?

Youtube is the world's most popular video streaming platform. It is possible to produce video content on Youtube, which has more than 2 billion users around the world, and to bring these contents together with the audience. The most popular of Youtube video types is a subject that content producers research. Since popular video types are watched more, they can earn serious money for producers.

Comedy and sketch videos are the most watched video genres today. These types of videos are watched by millions of users. If your humor is not strong, it is possible to gain viewers by making product review videos. You will need to set aside some capital for product review videos. Because the products will be interesting and will have to be purchased.

Another popular type of video on Youtube is how-to videos. Such videos can also find an audience for themselves. If you want to produce content on Youtube as a team, you can also make Q&A videos. In addition, if you have enough training in a subject, you can get high views by shooting training videos.

Which Videos Are Most Viewed On Youtube?

We have mentioned above the most watched among Youtube video types. If you want the content you share on Youtube to be watched by many users, you must first determine your target audience. Youtube is mostly used by young people, especially in Turkey. For this reason, sharing videos with entertainment and gaming content by targeting the young audience can get you a lot of views.

If you include videos from every category on your Youtube channel, you can identify the most watched video types by following the trend and prepare your content accordingly. For example, as of 2021, entertainment, games, TV programs and question-answer videos are mostly watched. You can also produce your content based on the popular videos of the period you are in.

How to Select Youtube Category?

A producer who has just started Youtube must choose a category. Channels that share videos in a certain category are more preferred and watched. Before choosing a category, you should consider in which area you can produce better content. For example, if you are fond of computer games and play good games, you can prefer Youtube video types and share accordingly.

Youtube Contents Not Available in Turkey

Among the Youtube video types, you can find videos that are not or rare in Turkey and produce them in your own style and present them to Turkish viewers, so your videos can be watched by many users. For example, you can renew an old or rusted object and upload it to Youtube by adding differences.

Another Youtube content that is not available in Turkey is to disassemble and reassemble the parts of the car. There are hardly any channels that do this. Therefore, making such videos can also be good for your channel. In addition, if you have an education channel, you can get good views by transferring the lessons not given in schools to your audience in an entertaining way. Such content is not in Turkey, but is demanded abroad.