How to Share Instagram Reals?

How to Share Instagram Reals?

The use of Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms, continues to increase day by day. One of the latest innovations brought by Instagram, which contains many features, is Reels videos. These Reels videos allow users to share video posts by making various customizations.

Users who want to add Real videos to their Instagram profiles ask the question of how to make Reals. To upload reels videos, you must first click on the + icon at the top of the main page. You can choose photos or videos from your gallery by clicking on the button that says Reels at the bottom of the camera screen that comes up, or you can share your video instantly from the screen that opens directly.

Benefits of Sharing Instagram Reals

Users who find the answer to the question of how to make reels are wondering about the benefits of reels videos this time. Thanks to reals videos, it is possible for your content to get more interaction. This is because Instagram is making Reels videos more prominent. Reels videos help you reach thousands of users by falling more on Discover.

Another benefit of reels videos is that there is a special tab for these videos in your profile. Your followers can interact by seeing your Reels videos very easily by clicking on the relevant tab in your profile. Thanks to these benefits offered by Reels, many users have been using this feature since the day they debuted.

What are Instagram Reals Features?

As we mentioned in our answer to the question of how to make reels, these videos allow you to make various customizations. For example, all the filters and effects in the stories can also be used in Reels videos. Thanks to the timer feature, you can edit your video and add any song you want to your videos.

Another feature that Instagram Reels offers is that you can get the chance to trim the music you add as you want. If there is a part of the music you add that you do not want, you can immediately trim it and destroy it. In addition, thanks to the zoom feature, it is possible to edit video transition times thanks to Instagram Reels.

Thanks to Instagram Reels, it is possible to share the videos in your gallery as Reels. You can also select multiple photos and turn it into a video and share it as Reels. Thanks to these features, Instagram Reals is used with admiration by users.

What are the Advantages of Using Instagram Reels?

Let's come to the advantages of this feature after the question of how to make reels. Instagram prioritizes Reels videos in order to compete with TikTok. Adding a Reels tab to the profile for this, Instagram wants users to actively use this feature by highlighting Reels videos.

By posting a Reels video you are much more likely to fall into Discovery than by posting a photo. For this reason, you can take firm steps towards becoming a popular account by focusing on Reels videos. In order to fully benefit from the advantages of Instagram Reels videos, you must use all the possibilities offered by this feature. For example, using the feature to add music to your videos will definitely be to your advantage.