How Can I Recover Facebook Account?

How Can I Recover Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the prominent social media applications with its millions of users and advanced features. There are thousands of people who used to open a Facebook account but then forgot their account information and therefore could not access their account. At this point, the Facebook account recovery process can be performed to log in to existing accounts whose passwords are not remembered.

Multiple problems can be seen with accounts that cannot be logged in to Facebook. For example, sometimes even though the login information is correct, the account may have been stolen and therefore cannot be logged in. In this case, a notification can be sent to Facebook for the account recovery process and all possible security problems can be prevented by closing the account. In order to solve the problems experienced in Facebook accounts that cannot be logged in, you can review the following titles.

Login to Forgotten Password Facebook Account

If you have forgotten your Facebook account password, there are effective ways to log back into your account. First, log in to the Facebook screen. Then, enter the e-mail address you used when opening your account in the profile login section, leave the password field blank and press the "Forgot Password" button. In this step, the Facebook system will offer you an account recovery method. You can easily perform Facebook account recovery using the mobile phone number or e-mail address registered in the system.

Another way to recover Facebook account is to enter a different Facebook account and find your own Facebook account from the search section. If you find your own account from the search section, here are the things you need to do;

1. Click on your own profile and log in.

2. Then click on the three-dot options icon in the profile section.

3. Press the “Find support or report profile” button from the options that appear.

4. After this step, click on “Something else”.

5. Finally, tick the “Recover account” button.

After completing the steps in the list above, you can access your account that you could not log in, thanks to the instructions that will allow you to get your Facebook account back.

How Can I Find My Old Facebook Account?

Today, many people forget the information of the Facebook account they opened in the past and are investigating how they can access this account back. Individuals who will perform Facebook account recovery actions for lost Facebook accounts can access the account finding tab by clicking here. If you log in to the link, you can access your account on the page that appears.

You can write the e-mail address you used when opening your account or the phone number to which the account is linked to the search engine in the link. When you press the search button, you can view the profiles opened with the information you entered and get your account back.

You can easily get your account back by choosing any of the above-mentioned methods. However, if you have tried these methods but still do not get any results, you can access the Facebook Help page to recover your account by logging into this link, and by trying other methods, you can find your account that you opened in the past but cannot use today. Afterwards, you can continue to use your account by changing the password.